Castel Globe Valve

Castel globe valves are classified as “Pressure accessories” in the sense of the Pressure Equipment.  They are designed for installation on commercial refrigerating systems and on civil and industrial conditioning plants, which use the following refrigerant fluids: R22 , R134a , R404A , R407C , R410A ; R507 proper to the Group II.


These valves are available in the following two types:
• 6512 with straight solder connections
• 6532 with right-angle solder connections
The main parts of the globe valves are made with the
following materials:
• Hot forged brass EN 12420 – CW 617N for body, cover and
cap that covers the spindle
• Steel, with proper surface protection, for the spindle.
• Chloroprene rubber (CR) and aramid fibres for gland seal
• Metal-rubber laminate for outlet seal gaskets
• PTFE for seat gaskets.

No. Description
CAST-HV-6510/13 1-5/8″ 6512/13
CAST-HV-6510/9 1-1/8″ 6510/9 / 6512/9
CAST-HV-6512/17 2-1/8″ 6512/17
CAST-HV-6512/7 7/8″ 6512/7