GREE Air-Conditioner (Queen Series Inverter R32)

Gree Air-Conditioner R32 Inverter Queen Series

Product Features

  • Cold plasma which help to improve indoor air quality and give you a healthier life
  • Cross flow fan continues blowing to dry inside of indoor unit after switching off the unit so as to keep clean and healthier
  • The mini sensor in the remote controller can sense its surrounding temperature so the unit can adjust the airflow volume and temperature accordingly to provide maximum comfort
  • Provide with refrigeration leakage protection
  • Turbo cooling that enable to reach the set temperature in a shorter time
  • High-efficiency drainage design of outdoor unit chasis
  • Can control by smart phone using Gree+ APP
  • Mothproof and dustproof electric box of outdoor unit
  • Outdoor unit using golden fin which is lead to high anti corrosive



Special Features :

• 3D Air Flow • Wifi Control • Auto Clean • Cold plasma and Golden Fin • Quiet • Intelligent Defrosting • Fast cooling & Eco-friendly • Generate active ions which can eliminate 90% of bacteria, viruses and dusts • Auto clean and Turbo Function • 2 year full warranty,6 year warranty on Compressor • LED display and Timer • Comfortable Sleep Curves • I Feel, 1W Standby, Self-diagnosis

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