Chilled Water Coil

Chilled water coil (CWC) is an evaporator coil uses chilled water from a chiller to provide cooling. It is normally installed in an Air Handling Unit (AHU) or a package unit. It requires a fan to draw or blow through it to bring out the cooling from the chilled water into a duct directed to a room, hall, or a conceal area.

Thermal-Matic Chilled Water Coil

The chilled water temperature from a chiller unit pumps to CWC is around 7°C and leaving it at 12°C. The water is circulating between chiller and CWC. There is some time by requirement, CWC is used for lower temperature application. If the temperature is less than 0°C, chilled water has to be mixed with a chemical named Glycol. The fin pitch of CWC has to be increase to avoid freezing. Thermal-Matic will provide suggestion on the fin pitch when we design the coil.


Fins are fabricated from either aluminum or copper with extruded collars to maximize heat transfer and ensure accurate fin spacing. Fin surfaces are available in corrugated, sine wave or enhanced with edges that are straight rippled. Special chemical coating for marine enhance application is available upon request. Spacing 3 FPI to 18 FPI.
Seamless drawn copper tubes are available in 3/8″, ll2″ & 5/8″ Dia. Grooved tubes are available on request.
Standard casing with galvanized steel. For better resistance to corrosive by using stainless steel 304-28 or 3l6L-28 on request.
Headers are fabricated from copper, galvanized steel & schedule 40.
All coils are lO\Vo leak tested under water using high pressure dry air 350-400psing.