China Axial Fan Set

With the capability of creating the low-pressure high-volume airflows, axial fans are best solutions for general purpose applications in any industries. With its superior and compact design, each axial fan is able to operate in temperatures from -xx°C to +xx°C with more than 100,000 hours of operation.

No. Description
CHIN-FE-08-1P 8″ (1PH) WF4E-200
CHIN-FE-10-1P 10″ (1PH) WF-4E-250-SC
CHIN-FE-12-1P 12″ (1PH) WF-4E-300-SE
CHIN-FE-12-3P 12″ (3PH)
CHIN-FE-14-1P 14″ (1PH) WF-4E-350-SE
CHIN-FE-14-3P 14″ (3PH) WF4D-350
CHIN-FE-16-1P 16″ (1PH)
CHIN-FE-16-3P 16″ (3PH) WF-4D-400-SE
CHIN-FE-18-1P 18″ (1PH)
CHIN-FE-18-3P 18″ (3PH) WF-4D-450-SE
CHIN-FE-20-1P 20″ (1PH)
CHIN-FE-20-3P 20″ (3PH) WF-4D-500-SE
CHIN-FE-24-3P 24″ (3PH)
CHIN-FE-25-3P 25″ (3PH) WF-4D-630-STQ
CHIN-FE-32-3P 32″ (3PH) WF-6D-800-S5Q