Copeland Fusion Semi-Hemertic Compressor

Copeland Scroll Fusion was crafted specifically to adhere to the refrigeration industry’s need for field serviceable solutions. In addition, it is specially designed for medium and low temperature refrigeration with the ability to handle various refrigerants.

Smart and Versatile

The compressor features a horizontal, bolted cast iron body, helping to maximize compact design, low vibration, and quiet operation associated with the Copeland Scroll design. Going one step further, an integrated economizer kit provides optimal performance and reliability by delivering subcooled liquid to the evaporator while maintaining safe compressor operating temperatures.

The Copeland Scroll Fusion compressor features CoreSense Diagnostics, which sends and interprets information regarding the compressor’s operation, allowing for quicker, more accurate diagnostics, and less compressor downtime, thus providing more value to its consumers.

Economizer and Liquid Line Temperatures

Copeland ScrollTM Fusion is equipped with integrated economizer to improve low temperature operating efficiency and provide a reliable low temperature envelope. Vapor injection subcools the main liquid line and cools the compressor oil by the economizer’s plate heat exchanger. This underscores the importance of insulating the liquid line from the economizer to the evaporator. The subcooled liquid will increase the capacity of the expansion valve; therefore, users must follow the manufacturers’ liquid line temperature correction factors for proper selection of expansion valves.

Pumpdown Cycle

Copeland Scroll Fusion compressors have an inherently superior liquid handling capability so a pumpdown at each thermostat cycle is not recommended. Although, a pumpdown cycle before defrost will be helpful in reducing defrost time. Copeland Scroll Fusion compressors are fitted with spring loaded low-leak check valves. Therefore, an external check valve is not necessary. When a pumpdown cycle finishes, the compressor will stop and will contain a very large volume of high pressure gas in the top cap area, which will leak back to suction and cause a significant rise that could reset the low pressure switch. The control circuit should not allow the compressor to restart. Restart should only occur when the thermostat closes.


R404A, R22


Capacity Range
7 To 15HP


Medium Temperature & Low Temperature


  • CoreSense Technology
  • EVI Technology
  • Low Sound & Vibration
  • easy for service
  • Wide Ambient Capability for both MT & LT Application