Bitzer Piston & Conn. Rod

Bitzer pistons and connecting rods are crucial components in Bitzer compressors, specifically designed for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Made with high-quality materials and innovative engineering, these parts ensure optimal compressor performance. The pistons feature tight tolerances and a special surface finish to minimize friction and maximize efficiency. Connecting rods are built for strength and durability to handle the constant pressure changes within the compressor. Together, these Bitzer parts contribute to a reliable and long-lasting operation of your refrigeration or air conditioning equipment.

No. Description Description 2
BITZ-CP-PER-30229740 302297-40 (4G-20.2-30.2/6G-30.2-40.2/4G-6G) BITZER PISTON & CONN.ROD
BITZ-CP-PER-30229743 302297-43/302238-22 (6F-40.2-50.2/6F/S6F-30.2) BITZER PISTON & CONN.ROD
BITZ-CP-PER-30229846 302298-46 / 302297-09 (4VES) (PACK OF 2) BITZER PISTON & CONN.ROD
BITZ-CP-PER-30229848 302298-48 / 302297-11 (4PES) (PACK OF 2) BITZER PISTON & CONN.ROD
BITZ-CP-PER-30229849 302298-49 / 302297-12 (4NCS-12.2) (PACK OF 2) BITZER PISTON & CONN.ROD
BITZ-CP-PER-30229866 302298-66 (4JE/6JE) BITZER PISTON & CONN.ROD
BITZ-CP-PER-30229867 302298-67 (4HE-15/18/25/6HE-25/28/35) BITZER PISTON & CONN.ROD
BITZ-CP-PER-30229872 302298-72 (4FES) BITZER PISTON & CONN.ROD
BITZ-CP-PER-30229873 302298-73 (4EES) BITZER PISTON & CONN.ROD
BITZ-CP-PER-3302298-47 302298-47 / 302297-10 (4TCS-8.2) (PACK OF 2) BITZER PISTON & CONN.ROD


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