Emerson Solenoid Coil

The coil of a solenoid valve generates a magnetic field. This moves a ferromagnetic plunger inside the valve which opens or closes the valve. When a coil (solenoid) is defective, it can be difficult to find a replacement for the original. Contact RNA for more information.


24V, 120V, 208-240V, 480V, all in 50-60Hz or DC


  • Compact design
  • Coil windings are insulated to provide shock and vibration protectiion
  • Interchangeable housings
  • NEMA 1 rated for AMG coils & designed to provide weather protection if used with connector (NEMA 2) for ASC coils

No. Description
EMER-SV-CAMG-110V AMG (120V/50/60HZ) P/N: 057331
EMER-SV-CAMG-120V AMG (120V/240V,50/60HZ) PCN: 057343
EMER-SV-CAMG-208-240V AMG (208-240V,50/60HZ,17/12W) P/N: 057342
EMER-SV-CASC2-120V ASC2 (120V/50/60HZ)
EMER-SV-CASC2-240V ASC2 (208-240V/50/60HZ)
EMER-SV-CASC2-24V ASC2 (24VAC/50/60HZ/15/12W) PCN: 015516
EMER-SV-CASC-24VAC ASC (24VAC/50HZ) PCN: 801062 (FOR OM3 & OM4)