Kuba Unit Coolers SPB/SPBE Series

Our air coolers of the Küba industrial range have been designed for the applications from approx. 5 to 156 kW cooling duty (depending on refrigerant). Their air straighteners assure equalized air flow, which enables air throw up to 68 m. In combination with great cooling duty, this allows fast temperature control of freshly stored goods down to the desired temperature.

Your Benefits

  • The Küba DE professional lives up to its name for complex cooling tasks in smaller cooling rooms.
    Applications in which an efficient ceiling evaporator is required.
  • Variants for protection against corrosion make him suitable for aggressive ambient air.
  • With it´s versatile versions, the Küba DE professional is designed to take on the most challenging of environmental conditions (i.e. cold rooms which are accessed frequently).
  • Due to its configuration, the Küba DE professional is able to maintain all temperature ranges with maximum precision.
  • Draught-free air flow in rooms with low ceilings.

Capacity Range

  • HFC
    1.5 kW – 9 kW
  • CO2
    1.8 kW – 11 kW
  • Brine
    2.6 kW – 17 kW


  • Covers a large scope for commercial applications.
  • For complex refrigeration tasks in small and low spaces.
  • Maintain all temperature ranges with maximum precision.