Teidar Suction Accumulator

A suction line accumulators is designed with a bend pipe to prevent internal splashing and in the collection of refrigerant.  The bend pipe should be installed as close to the compressor as possible.

suction accumulator is used to prevent liquid refrigerant flood-back to the compressor.  Accumulators are commonly used on heat pumps, transport refrigeration systems, low-temperature supermarket refrigeration systems, and in any situation where liquid refrigerant is a concern.


  • Adapt to CFC HCFC and HFC refrigerants
  • Corrosion resistant paint
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 4.2 Mpa

No. Description
TEID-SA-04-TDQ204 1/2″ TDQ-204
TEID-SA-05-TDQ595 5/8″ TDQ-595
TEID-SA-06-TDQ596 3/4″ TDQ-596
TEID-SA-07-TDQ5127 7/8″ TDQ-5127
TEID-SA-101-TDQ5139 1-1/8″ TDQ-5139
TEID-SA-103-TDQ51711 1-3/8″ TDQ-51711
TEID-SA-105-TDQ62013 1-5/8″ TDQ-62013
TEID-SA-201-TDQ221 2-1/8″ TDQ-221
TEID-SA-205-TDQ225 2-5/8″ TDQ-225
TEID-SA-301-TDQ231 3-1/8″ TDQ-231