Bohn Compressor Racks

Bohn Compressor Rack
Light Type Hermetic Rack (BMR)
Heavy Type Hermetic Rack (BRR)
Screw Rack (BSCR/BSCR-H)

1) Light Type Hermetic Rack High Efficiency BMR Series
2) Heavy Type Hermetic Rack High Efficiency BRR Series
3) Screw Rack High Efficiency BSCR Series
4) Solution Rack Modularized And Compact Type BSCR-H Series
– High quality and world famous compressors.
– If one compressor has broken, other compressor also can work continually.
– Standard products are configured controller which can regulate the running time of compressors automatically and extent compressor service life.
– Special design for suction accumulator can maximize avoiding liquid impact.
High Efficiency and Energy Saving:
– Controller can adjust compressor on-off in the routine days which saves more electric energy for end-user.
– Perfect design of pipe minimizes pressure loss along the pipeline which lead to enhance efficiency.
– Can use different compressors in the same system and balance dynamic cooling capacity output.
Structure compact and Flexible:
– Share oil separator, condenser, liquid receiver, control system and frame.
– Reduce installation space and create more value for end-user.
– Highly-automatized.
– Micro-computer controls the real-time dynamic load which can result in decreasing fluctuation of evaporating temperature.
– Through remote monitoring, achieve system running automatically.


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