Daikin Air-Conditioner (FTKH Smarto Premium Inverter R32)

Daikin Air-Conditioner R32 FTKH Smarto Premium Inverter

Product Features

  • An intelligent system maximizes cooling by activating the indoor fan at full speed for 20 minutes and directing airflow toward detected human presence for faster, efficient cooling.
  • The Gin-Ion blue filter, treated with a positively charged silver ion, effectively attracts viruses to its surface and decomposes up to 99.9% within 2 hours.
  • Using PM2.5 dust collection filter which can removes PM2.5 particulate matter which is smaller than 2.5 micrometres. PM2.5 is small enough to be breathed deep into our   lungs.
  • Streamer technology which enable high speed electrons are discharged that enable decomposition and removal allergens such as mould, mites, pollen and hazardous chemical.
  • Smart ecomax which can ensures maximum energy saving while fulfilling basic human comfort needs.
  • Go Daikin is the built-in network adaptor (AWM61A01) and the app turn a smartphone into a remote controller that can be used inside or outside the home and eliminate worries about forgetting to turn off your air conditioner.
  • The low/high voltage shield (Super PCB) ensures extreme durability for all electrical components in indoor and outdoor units. The printed circuit boards effortlessly manage a broad range of voltage variations (150V-440V), enhancing overall operation durability.
  • The outdoor unit’s heat exchanger fins undergo a special anti-corrosion treatment, and a thin acrylic resin layer is applied to the surface to boost resistance to salt corrosion.



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