Danfoss Internal Float Switch

AKS 38 is an electro-mechanical float switch designed to provide a reliable, electromechanical response to liquid level changes.

The simple and basic design ensures long lifetime performance and reliable operation for many applications.

AKS 38 can control liquid level in vessels and accumulators or can be used as a low/high level alarm.


  • Based on Danfoss float type 38E
  • DIN, ANSI and FPT/NPT flanges
  • The switch box can be placed in any position on top of float housing for ease of installation.
  • Adjustable liquid level differential switch point.
  • Electric magnetic microswitch, mechanically activated.
  • The complete switch box can easily be replaced without any interference with the refrigeration system.
  • Switch box supplied with a DIN plug for easy installation and service.
  • Flanges included.

Technical Data

  • Refrigerants
    Can be used for all common non-flammable refrigerants, including R717 and non-corrosive gases/liquids dependent on sealing material compatibility. Flammable hydrocarbons are not recommended.
  • Temperature range
    –50°C/+65°C (–58°F/+149°F)
  • Pressure range
    AKS 38 is designed for a max. working pressure of 28 bar g (406 psi g)
    Should pressure testing in excess of 28 bar g (406 psig) be necessary then the internal float assembly must be removed, thus allowing a maximum test pressure of 42 bar g (609 psig).