Danfoss Ball Valve

Danfoss ball valves, type GBC, are manually operated shut-off valves suitable for bi-directional flow. The GBC valves are used in liquid, suction and hot gas lines in refrigeration systems of food retail industry.

The design, the welding and the sealing material vouch for a safe construction suited for even the most demanding requirements, for instance high working pressure when operated with R410A.

Features and benefits

  • Full flow with minimum pressure drop
  • Slim-line design for easy operational handling
  • Special series designed for CO2
  • Broad temperature range
  • Long service life and no leakage
  • One-piece wire seal cap for no tampering and maximum safety

Danfoss Ball Valve Model and Sizes

No. Description
DANF-HV-02GBC6S-7020 1/4″ GBC6S 009G-7020/009L-7020 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-02GBC6S-7050 1/4″ GBC6S 009G-7050 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-03GBC10S-7021 3/8″ GBC10S 009G-7021/009L-7021 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-03GBC10S-7051 3/8″ GBC10S 009G-7051/009L-7051 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-04GBC12S-7022 1/2″ GBC12S 009L-7022 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-04GBC12S-7052 1/2″ GBC12S 009L-7052 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-05GBC16S-7023 5/8″ GBC16S 009G-7023/009L-7023 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-05GBC16S-7053 5/8″ GBC16S 009L-7053/009G-7053 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-06GBC18S-7024 3/4″ GBC18S 009L-7024/009G-7024 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-06GBC18S-7054 3/4″ GBC18S 009L-7054/009G-7054 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-07GBC22S-7025 7/8″ GBC22S 009L-7025/009G-7025 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-07GBC22S-7055 7/8″ GBC22S 009G-7055 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-101GBC28S-7026 1-1/8″ GBC28S 009L-7026/009G-7026 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-101GBC28S-7056 1-1/8″ GBC28S 009L-7056/009G-7056 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-103GBC35S-7027 1-3/8″ GBC35S 009G-7027/009L-7027 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-103GBC35S-7057 1-3/8″ GBC35S 009L-7057/009G-7057 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-105GBC42S-7028 1-5/8″ GBC42S 009G-7028 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-105GBC42S-7058 1-5/8″ GBC42S 009L-7058/009G-7058 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-201GBC54S-7029 2-1/8″ GBC54S 009G-7029/009L-7029 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-205GBC67S-7036 2-5/8″ GBC67S 009G-7036 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-205GBC67S-7066 2-5/8″ GBC67S 009G-7066 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-301GBC79S-7037 3-1/8″ GBC79S 009G-7037 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-301GBC79S-7067 3-1/8″ GBC79S 009G-7067 (SOLDER)