Danfoss Capacity Regulator (Hot gas Bypass)

KVC hot gas bypass regulator are used to adapt compressor capacity to actual evaporator load by supplying a replacement capacity in form of hot / cool gas. It is installed in a bypass line between the high and low pressure sides of the refrigeration system and is designed for direct gas injection into the suction line.


  • Accurate, adjustable pressure regulation
  • Wide capacity and operating range
  • Pulsation damping design
  • Stainless steel bellows
  • Compact angle design for easy installation
  • ”Hermetic” brazed construction
  • Available with flare or ODF solder connections
  • Compliant with ATEX hazard zone 2
No. Description
DANF-PR-KVC12-0141 1/2″ KVC12 034L-0141 (F)
DANF-PR-KVC12S-0143 1/2″ KVC12 034L-0143 (S)
DANF-PR-KVC15-0142 5/8″ KVC15 034L-0142 (F)
DANF-PR-KVC15S-0147 5/8″ KVC15 034L-0147/034L-1047 (PACK OF 18) SOLDER
DANF-PR-KVC22S-0144 7/8″ KVC22 034L-0144 (S)