Danfoss Filter Drier

The DML filter drier is designed for air conditioning systems that require high moisture removal capacity. DML filter driers are optimized for HFC refrigerants and mineral or benzene oils. The filter driers are hermetic and approved for 46 bar. DML filter driers are delivered with flare or copper/copper plated steel connections.

DCL filter driers are designed for applications requiring high moisture removal capacity as well as acid adsorption capacity. The DCL filter driers have the same wide application range and benefits as the DML filter driers.

Both the DML and the DCL filter driers are available with solder (Cu-plated steel connectors) and flare connections.

Features and benefits

DML filter driers

  • 100 % Molecular Sieve core
  • High drying capacity minimizing the risk of acid formation (hydrolysis)
  • Recommended for use with HFC and HCFC refrigerants
  • Will not deplete oil additives

DCL filter driers

  • 80% Molecular Sieve core with 20% activated alumina
  • Perfect core blend for systems that operate at high condensing temperatures and require high drying capacity
  • Recommended for use with HFC and HCFC refrigerants

No. Description
DANF-FD-02-DCL052S 1/4″ DCL-052S (FLARE)
DANF-FD-02-DCL082 1/4″ DCL-082 023Z-5004 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-02-DMC2032S 6MM DMC-2032S 023Z-7021/023Z-7007 (PACK OF 10)
DANF-FD-02-DML032 1/4″ DML-032 023Z-5035 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-02-DML032S 1/4″ DML-032S 023Z-5048 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-02-DML052 1/4″ DML-052 023Z-5037 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-02-DML052S 1/4″ DML-052S 023Z-5053 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-02-DML162 1/4″ DML-162 023Z-5042 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-03-DCL083 3/8″ DCL-083 023Z-5005 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-03-DML033S 3/8″ DML-033S 023Z-5050 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-03-DML053 3/8″ DML-053 023Z-5038 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-03-DML053S 3/8″ DML-053S 023Z-5054 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-03-DML083 3/8″ DML-083 023Z-5040 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-03-DML083S 3/8″ DML-083S 023Z-5058 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-03-DML163 3/8″ DML-163 023Z-5043 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-03-DML163S 3/8″ DML-163S 023Z-5064 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-03-DML303 3/8″ DML-303 023Z-0049 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-03-DMT133S 3/8″ DMT-133S 023Z-8402 (SOLDER) R744 (CO2)
DANF-FD-04-DML084 1/2″ DML-084 023Z-5041 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-04-DML084S 1/2″ DML-084S 023Z-5061 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-04-DML164 1/2″ DML-164 023Z-5044 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-04-DML164S 1/2″ DML-164S 023Z-5067 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-04-DML304 1/2″ DML-304 023Z-0050 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-04-DML304S 1/2″ DML-304S 023Z-0068 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-05-DML165 5/8″ DML-165 023Z-5045 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-05-DML165S 5/8″ DML-165S 023Z-5068 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-05-DML305 5/8″ DML-305 023Z-0051 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-05-DML305FS 5/8″ DML-305FS 023Z-0264
DANF-FD-05-DML305S 5/8″ DML-305S 023Z-0069 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-05-DML415 5/8″ DML-415 023Z-0110 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-05-DML415S 5/8″ DML-415S 023Z-0112 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-06-DML306 3/4″ DML-306 023Z-0193 (FLARE)
DANF-FD-06-DML306S 3/4″ DML-306S 023Z-0070 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-07-DML307S 7/8″ DML-307S 023Z-0071 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-07-DML417S 7/8″ DML-417S 023Z-0113 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-07-DML757S 7/8″ DML-757S 023Z-0117 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-101-DML309S 1-1/8″ DML-309S 023Z-0072 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-101-DML419S 1-1/8″ DML-419S 023Z-0114 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-101-DML609S 1-1/8″ DML-609S 023Z-0074 (SOLDER)
DANF-FD-101-DML759S 1-1/8″ DML-759S 023Z-0118 (SOLDER)