Danfoss Sight Glass

The optimal protection lies in the unique indicator which changes colour to show the moisture content within the refrigerant. Danfoss sight glasses are the less effected by temperature when compared to other brand equivalents and they guarantee the best visual indication of moisture throughout the whole year. With the same moisture content in the installation, the sight glasses will not be as quick to change colour when the liquid temperature increases. This is important to ensure adequate and optimal compressor protection. Danfoss offers sight glasses that are designed for CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants.

SGN/H, SGR, SGRN/H: secure optimal protection

Sight glasses are mostly installed in the liquid line between the filter drier and the expansion valve to monitor the condition of the refrigerant. The SGR is mainly used to indicate the condition of the refrigerant as well as the liquid level in the receiver or the oil level in the compressor and has no moisture indicator. The SGN/H and SGRN/H are equipped with sensitive indicators that reflects a colour, depending on the moisture content in the refrigerant.


  • Tradional refrigeration
  • Heat pump systems
  • Air conditioning units
  • Liquid coolers
  • Transport refrigeration


  • Best visual indication of moisture (minimal dependence on temperature).
  • The flare ext. x int. version can be screwed together with filter drier (reduction of assembly costs).
  • Flare connections are 4-sided for quick installation.
  • Extended solder connections.
  • Glass diameter permits high working pressures.


  • Designed for HFC refrigerants.
  • Flare/-solder connection or socket type.
  • Wide range with sizes from 6 to 22 mm.
  • Max. working pressure: up to 46 bar.
  • Working temperature: -50 to 80°C.
  • Approvals: PED, UL, GOST.

No. Description
DANF-LI-02-SGN6 1/4″ SGN-6 014-0161 (FLARE)
DANF-LI-02-SGN6S 1/4″ SGN-6S 014-0181 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-03-SGI10S 3/8″ SGI-10S 014-0035 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-03-SGN10 3/8″ SGN-10 014-0162 (FLARE)
DANF-LI-03-SGN10S 3/8″ SGN-10S 014-0182 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-03-SGP10SN 3/8″ SGP-10SN 014L-0182 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-04-SGN12 1/2″ SGN-12 014-0163 (FLARE)
DANF-LI-04-SGN12-0173 1/2″ SGN-12 014-0173 (INT X EXT FLARE)
DANF-LI-04-SGN12S 1/2″ SGN-12S 014-0183 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-04-SGRN-0006 1/2″ SGRN 014-0006 (NPT)
DANF-LI-05-SGI12-0025 1/2″ SGI-12 014-0025 (INT X EXT FLARE)
DANF-LI-05-SGN16 5/8″ SGN-16 014-0165 (FLARE)
DANF-LI-05-SGN16S 5/8″ SGN-16S 014-0184 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-05-SGP16SN 5/8″ SGP-16SN 014L-0184 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-06-SGN19 3/4″ SGN-19 014-0166 (FLARE)
DANF-LI-06-SGN19S 3/4″ SGN-19S 014-0185 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-07-SGN22S 7/8″ SGN-22S 014-0186 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-07-SGP22S 7/8″ SGP-22SN 014L-0186 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-101-SGN22S 1-1/8″ SGN-22S 014-0187 (SOLDER)
DANF-LI-103SGS 1-3/8″ SGS 014-1057 (PACK OF 80) M24X1