Danfoss TXV Power Element

The TE 5 – TE 55 series expansion valve regulate the injection of refrigerant into evaporators. It controls the refrigerant flow based on the superheat. The exchangeable power element is produced with the well known Danfoss laser welding technology for extended lifetime capability. The TE 5 – TE 55 series is available with a wide range of orifices which will cover a wide range of applications.

– Air conditioning system
– Chiller
– Cold room
– Freezer
– Other refrigeration systems


  • Wide operating range:
    -40 – 10 °C / -40 – 50 °F
    -60 – -25 °C / -75 – -15 °F
  • Refrigerants: R407F, R407A, R448A, R449A, R452A,R404A, R507, R22, R513A, R134a and R407C.
  • Interchangeable orifice assembly:
    – easy storage
    – easy capacity matching
    – better service
  • Laser welded stainless steel power element, capillary tube and bulb.
  • Wide capacity range, rated capacity from:
    R448A/R449A : 9 – 225 kW / 2.5 – 64 TR
    R407F : 11 – 250 kW / 3 – 71 TR
    R404A/R507 : 7 – 183 kW / 2 – 52 TR
  • MOP function is available.
  • Superior charge performance.
  • PS / MWP (maximum working pressure):
    28 bar / 400 psig.
  • Minimized capacity gap and overlap between orifices.
  • TE 55 has balanced port design.
  • Patented bulb strap design.
No. Description
DANF-EV-PTEA20/85-3250 TEA20/85 068G-3250
DANF-EV-PTEA20/85-3255 TEVA20/85 068G-3255
DANF-EV-PTEN12-3232 TEN12 067B-3232 R134A
DANF-EV-PTEN20-3292 TEN20 067B-3292 R134A
DANF-EV-PTEN5-3297 TEN5 067B-3297 R134A
DANF-EV-PTEN5-3298 TEN5 067B-3298 R134A (RANGE N WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEN55-3222 TEN55 067G-3222 R134A
DANF-EV-PTES12-3347 TES12 067B-3347 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-PTES12-3348 TES12 067B-3348 R404A/R507 (RANGE NL WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTES12-3349 TES12 067B-3349 R404A/R507 (RANGE B WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTES12-3350 TES12 067B-3350 R404A/R507 5M (RANGE B WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTES20-3352 TES20 067B-3352 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-PTES20-3354 TES20 067B-3354 R404A/R507 (RANGE B WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTES5-3342 TES5 067B-3342 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-PTES5-3343 TES5 067B-3343 R404A/R507 (RANGE B WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTES5-3344 TES5 067B-3344 R404A/R507 (RANGE B)
DANF-EV-PTES5-3357 TES5 067B-3357 R404A/R507 (RANGE NM WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTES5-3358 TES5 067B-3358 R404/R507 (RANGE NL WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTES5-3391 TES5 067B-3391 R404A/R507 (WITH MOP) 1/4″ SOLDER
DANF-EV-PTES55-3301 TES55 067G-3301 R404A/R507 (5M CAP TUBE)
DANF-EV-PTES55-3302 TES55 067G-3302 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-PTES55-3304 TES55 067G-3304 R404A/R507 (RANGE NL WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTES55-3306 TES55 067G-3306 5M R404A (RANGE B WITH MOP) 5M
DANF-EV-PTEX12-3209 TEX12 067B-3209 R22/R407C 5M
DANF-EV-PTEX12-3210 TEX12 067B-3210 R22/R407C
DANF-EV-PTEX12-3211 TEX12 067B-3211 R22/R407C (RANGE B WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEX12-3227 TEX12 067B-3227 R22/R407C (RANGE N WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEX20-3274 TEX20 067B-3274 R22/R407C
DANF-EV-PTEX20-3276 TEX20 067B-3276 R22/R407C (RANGE B WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEX20-3286 TEX20 067B-3286 R22/R407C (RANGE N WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEX5-3250 TEX5 067B-3250 R22/R407C
DANF-EV-PTEX5-3251 TEX5 067B-3251 R22/R407C (RANGE B WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEX5-3253 TEX5 067B-3253 R22/R407C (RANGE NL WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEX5-3267 TEX5 067B-3267 R22/R407C (RANGE N WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEX55-3205 TEX55 067G-3205 R22/R407C
DANF-EV-PTEX55-3207 TEX55 067G-3207 R22/R407C (RANGE B WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEX55-3209 TEX55 067G-3209 R22/R407C 5M
DANF-EV-PTEZ12-3366 TEZ12 067B-3366 R407C
DANF-EV-PTEZ12-3367 TEZ12 067B-3367 R407C (RANGE N WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEZ20-3371 TEZ20 067B-3371 R407C (5M CAP TUBE)
DANF-EV-PTEZ20-3372 TEZ20 067B-3372 R407C (RANGE N WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEZ5-3277 TEZ5 067B-3277 R407C (RANGE N WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-PTEZ5-3278 TEZ5 067B-3278 R407C
DANF-EV-PTEZ55-3240 TEZ55 067G-3240 R407C (5M CAP TUBE)