Danfoss Diff. Pressure Switch

The Danfoss range of industrial pressure switches measure and control the pressure of air and liquids

An RT pressure switch contains a pressure operated single-pole changeover contact, the position of which depends on the pressure in the inlet connection and the set scale value. The RT series includes pressure switches for general applications within industrial and marine refrigeration.
The RT series also includes differential pressure switches, pressure switches for neutral zone regulation, and special pressure switches with gold-plated contact surfaces for PLC applications

Danfoss pressure switches are accurate, robust, built for long life, and perform flawlessly day after day, even under harshest conditions.

Danfoss pressure switches are electromechanical controls and limiters, that control the pressure of air and liquids within a given pressure range.

All contact systems in Danfoss regulating units incorporate a “snap-action” system that maintains the contact force until the moment of contact break.

This distinguishes them from competing products in which micro switches are used.

Features and benefits

  • Versions with enclosure IP66
  • Wide regulating range
  • Wide range of units for industrial and marine applications
  • Suitable for alternating and direct current (AC and DC)
  • Interchangeable contact system
  • Special versions for PLC applications