Danfoss Solenoid Valve

Danfoss offers a complete range of servo-operated solenoid valves for air conditioning systems. EVR valves can be used in liquid, suction and hot gas lines, and the valves are compatible with fluorinated refrigerants, including high-pressure refrigerants such as R410A.

You decide how the valves are delivered, as either normally open or normally closed valves and with or without manual operation. You can order the Danfoss EVR valves as a complete unit or as separate components, where the valve body, coil and flanges, if required, can be ordered separately.

Product range of EVR, EVRAT, EVRA and EVRP.

EVR Solenoid Valve

  • Supplied in versions normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) with de-energized coil
  • Wide choice of coils for a.c and d.c
  • Suitable for all fluorinated refrigerants
  • Designed for media temperatures up to 105 °C
  • Maximum Operating Pressure (MOP) up to 25 bar with 12 W coil
  • Easy installation with either flare, solder or flanged connections

EVRA 3-40 and EVRAT 10-20

EVRA is a direct or servo operated solenoid valve for liquid, suction and hot gas lines with ammonia or fluorinated refrigerants.

EVRA valves are supplied complete or as separate components, i.e. valve body, coil and flanges can be ordered separately.

EVRAT is an assisted lift, servo operated solenoid valve for liquid, suction and hot gas lines with ammonia and fluorinated refrigerants.

EVRAT is specially designed to open – and stay open – at a pressure drop of 0 bar/psig. The EVRAT solenoid valve is thus suitable for use in any system where the required opening differential pressure is 0 bar/psig.

EVRAT is available as components, i.e. valve body, flanges and coil must be ordered separately. EVRAT 10, 15 and 20 have a spindle for manual operation.

  • Can be used for all non-flammable refrigerants, including R 717, and non-corrosive gases/ liquids – assuming seals of correct material are used
  • Teflon gasket ensures a very high tightness  across valve seat
  • Low pressure drop across valve
  • Wide range of flanges with connection  dimensions in accordance with standards: DIN ANSI, SOC, SA and FPT
  • Large range of coils
  • Strainer type FA can be mounted directly on the valve body except for EVRA 32 and 40
  • Certification: Please contact Danfoss for an  updated list with type approvals for the products

EVRP 10 Capacity regulation with pulse solenoid valve

Danfoss has developed a pulsating solenoid valve, EVRP 10, for use in applications where an extremely accurate regulation of media temperature is required.

Pulse solenoid valve EVRP 10 is used as a capacity regulator to adapt compressor capacity to the actual evaporator load. EVRP 10 must be installed in a bypass between the high and low pressure sides of the refrigeration system.
It is specially designed for hot gas injection between evaporator and expansion valve.


  • Container refrigeration systems
  • Ice cream production
  • Air conditioning plant
  • Wide range


Capacity regulation is controlled by a signal from a temperature sensor located in the cooled medium, for instance air. The signal is converted by a control unit into a pulse modulated signal for the EVRP pulse solenoid valve.

This form of regulation is very stable. Variations in the temperature of refrigerated items can be held within ±0.25 °C.

No. Description
DANF-SV-V02-1201 1/4″ EVR2 032L-1201 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V02-1206 1/4″ EVR3 032F-1206 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V02-1207 6MM EVR3 032F-1207 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V02-8056 1/4″ EVR2 032L-8056 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V02-8107 1/4″ EVR3 032L-8107 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V03-1164 3/8″ EVR6 032L-1164 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V03-1203 OBSOLETE – 3/8″ EVR3 032F-1203 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V03-1204 3/8″ EVR3 032L-1204/032F-1204 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V03-1208 10MM EVR3 032F-1208 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V03-1212 3/8″ EVR6 032L-1212 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V03-1213 10MM EVR6 032L-1213 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V03-1290 3/8″ EVR6 032L-1290 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V03-8085 3/8″ EVR6 032L-8085 NO (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V03-8116 3/8″ EVR3 032L-8116 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V03-8702 3/8″ EVR6 032L-8072 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V04-1209 1/2″ EVR6 032L-1209 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V04-1215 1/2″ EVR10 032L-8095 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V04-1217 1/2″ EVR10 032L-1217 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V04-1235 OBSOLETE – 1/2″ EVR6 032F-1235 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V04-8079 1/2″ EVR6 032L-8079 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V05-1214 5/8″ EVR10 032L-1214 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V05-1221 OBSOLETE – 5/8″ EVR15 032F-1221 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V05-1228 5/8″ EVR15 032L-1228 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V05-1238 OBSOLETE – 5/8″ EVR10 032F-1238 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V05-8098 5/8″ EVR10 032L-8098 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V05-8100 5/8″ EVR15 032L-8100 (FLARE) MANUAL OPERATION
DANF-SV-V05-8101 5/8″ EVR15 032L-8101 (FLARE)
DANF-SV-V07-1225 7/8″ EVR15 032L-1225 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V07-1240 7/8″ EVR20 032L-1240 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V07-1264 7/8″ EVR20 032L-1264 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V101-1244 1-1/8″ EVR20 032L-1244 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V101-2200 1-1/8″ EVR25 032L-2200 (SOLDER) MANUAL OPERATION
DANF-SV-V101-2201 1-1/8″ EVR25 032L-2201 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V103-1105 1-3/8″ EVR32 032L-1105 (SOLDER) MANUAL OPERATION
DANF-SV-V103-1106 1-3/8″ EVR32 032L-1106 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V103-2208 1-3/8″ EVR25 032L-2208 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V103-3267 1-3/8″ EVR22 032L-3267 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V105-1104 1-5/8″ EVR32 032L-1104 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V105-1110 1-5/8″ EVR40 032L-1110 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-V201-1112 2-1/8″ EVR40 032L-1112 (SOLDER)
DANF-SV-VEVRA20-622332 EVRA20 032F-622332 (FLANGE) (AMONIA)
DANF-SV-VEVRA32-1126 1-1/4″ EVRA32 042H-1126 (BUTT WELD DIN)
DANF-SV-VEVRA40-1143 2″ EVRA40 042H-1143 (ANSI BUTT WELD 36.10)
DANF-SV-VEVRP10-3298 EVRP10 032F-3298