Danfoss Case Controller

Complete refrigeration appliance control with great flexibility to adapt to all types of refrigeration appliances and cold storage rooms


  • Energy optimisation of the whole refrigeration appliances
  • One controller for several different refrigeration appliances
  • Integrated display at the front of the controller
  • Quick set-up with predefined settings
  • Built-in data communication
  • Built-in clock function with power reserve


The temperature in the appliance is registered by one or two temperature sensors which are located in the air flow before the evaporator (S3) or after the evaporator (S4) respectively. A setting for thermostat, alarm thermostat and display reading determines the influence the two sensor values should have for each individual function.

In addition product sensor S6, which can be optionally placed in the appliance, can be used to register the temperature near the required product in a certain place within the appliance.

The temperature of the evaporator is registered with the S5 sensor which can be used as a defrosting sensor. In addition to the outlet to the electronic injection valve of the type AKV, the controller has 5 relay outputs which are defined by the use selected.


  • Day/night thermostat with ON/OFF or modulating principle
  • Product sensor S6 with separate alarm limits
  • Switch between thermostat settings via digital input
  • Adaptive control of superheat
  • Adaptive defrosting based on evaporator performance
  • Start of defrost via schedule, digital input or network
  • Natural, electric or hot gas defrost
  • Stop of defrost on time and/or temperature
  • Coordination of defrosting among several controls
  • Pulsing of fans when thermostat is satisfied
  • Case cleaning function for documentation of HACCP procedure
  • Rail heat control via day/night load or dew poin
  •  Door function
  • Control of two compressor
  •  Control of night blinds
  • Light control
  • Heat thermostat
  • Factory calibration that will guarantee a better measuring accuracy than stated in the standard EN 441-13 without subsequent
  • calibration (Pt 1000 ohm sensor)
  • Integrated MODBUS communication with the option of mounting a LonWorks communication card


Depending on the application you may choose between the following defrost methods

  • Natural: Here the fans are kept operating during the defrost
  • Electric: The heating element is activated
  • Hotgas: Here the solenoid valves are controlled so that the hotgas can flow through the evaporator

Defrost sequence
1) Pump down
2) Defrost
3) Waiting position after defrost
4) Draining (drain delay. Hotgas only)
5) Drip off
6) Delay of fan

No. Description
DANF-TC-AKCC550-8020 AK-CC550 084B-8020 (230V)
DANF-TC-AKCC550-8024 AK-CC550 084B-8024 (115V)