Danfoss TXV Orifice

Thermostatic expansion valves regulate the injection of refrigerant liquid into evaporators.

Injection is controlled by the refrigerant superheat.

Therefore the valves are especially suitable for liquid injection in ”dry“ evaporators where the superheat at the evaporator outlet is proportional to the evaporator load.

Orifice Selection

T2/TE2 valve capacities are based on the installed orifice. To select the correct size, use one of the two methods below:

A. System Characteristics: Select the orifice using appropriate refrigerant, evaporator temperature, and system capacity.


B. Nominal Capacity of the Installed Valve: Use the nominal capacity of the originally installed valve and match with the nominal capacity in chart (3rd column from left).

No. Description
DANF-EV-C0.5-067B2788 067B-2788 NO.0.5 (TE5)
DANF-EV-C0.5-068U1033 068U-1033 NO.3 (TUA/TUAE)
DANF-EV-C00-0682003 068-2003 NO.0 (T2 / TE2)
DANF-EV-C01-067B2005 067B-2005 NO.1 (TE12)
DANF-EV-C01-067B2789 067B-2789 NO.1 (TE5)
DANF-EV-C01-067G2011 067G-2011 NO.1 (TES55)
DANF-EV-C01-0682010 068-2010 NO.1 (T2 / TE2)
DANF-EV-C01-068U4097 068U-4097 NO.1 (TCAE) 15% BLEED
DANF-EV-C02-067B2790 067B-2790 NO.2 (TE5)
DANF-EV-C02-067G2002 067G-2002 NO.2 (TEN55)
DANF-EV-C02-067G2006 067G-2006 NO.2 (TEX55)
DANF-EV-C02-0682015 068-2015 NO.2 (T2/TE2)
DANF-EV-C02-0682092 068-2092 NO.2 (T2 /TE2) SOLDER
DANF-EV-C03-067B2791 067B-2791 NO.3 (TE5)
DANF-EV-C03-0682006 068-2006 NO.3 (T2 / TE2)
DANF-EV-C03-0682093 068-2093 NO.3 (T2 /TE2) SOLDER
DANF-EV-C04-067B2792 067B-2792 NO.4 (TE5)
DANF-EV-C04-0682007 068-2007 NO.4 (T2 /TE2)
DANF-EV-C04-068U1034 068U-1034 NO.4 (TUA/TUAE)
DANF-EV-C05-067B2708 067B-2708 NO.5 (TE12)
DANF-EV-C05-0682008 068-2008 NO.5 (T2 / TE2)
DANF-EV-C05-068U1035 068U-1035 NO.5 (TUA/TUAE)
DANF-EV-C06-067B2709 067B-2709 NO.6 (TE12)
DANF-EV-C06-0682009 068-2009 NO.6 (T2 / TE2)
DANF-EV-C06-068U1036 068U-1036 NO.6 (TUA/TUAE)
DANF-EV-C-068F5283 068F-5283 NO.0, 1, 2 & 3 FOR AKV10
DANF-EV-C-068F5284 068F-5284 NO.4, 5 & 6 FOR AKV10
DANF-EV-C-068F5285 068F-5285 NO.7 & 8 FOR AKV10
DANF-EV-C07-067B2710 067B-2710 NO.7 (TE12)
DANF-EV-C07-068U1037 068U-1037 NO.7 (TUA/TUAE)
DANF-EV-C08-067B2771 067B-2771 NO.8 (TE20)
DANF-EV-C08-068U1038 068U-1038 NO.8 (TUA/TUAE)
DANF-EV-C09-067B2773 067B-2773 NO.9 (TE20)
DANF-EV-C09-068U1039 068U-1039 NO.9 (TUA/TUAE)
DANF-EV-C0X-0682002 068-2002 NO.0X (T2 / TE2)
DANF-EV-C10-067G2701 067G-2701 NO.10 (TE55)
DANF-EV-C11-067G2704 067G-2704 NO.11 (TE55)
DANF-EV-C12-067G2707 067G-2707 NO.12 (TE55)
DANF-EV-C13-067G2710 067G-2710 NO.13 (TE55)
DANF-EV-CA-068G2054 068G-2054 (8TR)