Danfoss Thermalstatic Expansion Valves TGEL/TGEN/TGEX/TGEZ Series

TGE is a new dedicated designed series of thermostatic expansion valves with lots of technical innovations for all normal refrigerants including R410A, and use in applications such as:

– Air conditioning systems,
– Heat pumps,
– Water chillers,
– Refrigerated containers,
– Traditional refrigeration systems.

The hermetic tight design meets the environmental demands for today and future. The capacity from 4 to 50 TR (14 kW to 175 kW) (R410A).

This leaflet contains data and code numbers for TGE valves for refrigerants R410A, R22, R407C, R134a, R404A, R507. Versions for other refrigerants can be produced to order, contact RNA for further information.


  • Hermetic TXV for R22, R134a, R404A, R507, R407C, R410A
  • Head pressure independent
  • Version with MOP (Max. Operating Pressure)
  • Straightway flow
  • Balance port (BP)
  • Low hysteresis
  • Opening superheat (OSH) max. 4°K
  • Max. working pressure 46 bar/ 667 psi
  • Lifetime for heat pump application
  • Cylindrical bulb design with new bulb strap
  • Biflow with expansion in both directions
  • Adjustable superheat setting
  • Laser welded, stainless steel power element / capillary tube
  • Mechanicalconnections (solder/flare, MIO, ORFS) available

Valve Option

In addition to the standard programme, variants of following options may be available:

  • Refrigerants
  • Evaporator range
  • MOP point
  • Static superheat setting (0K / 0°F ? 8K / 14.4°F)
  • Flare connections

Please contact your nearest RNA sales office to discuss valve options.

Technical Data

Max. operating temperature
– Thermostatic element

N charge: 100°C / 210°F (R410A)
K charge: 150°C / 302°F (R410A)
Valve body: 110°C / 230°F

Max. working pressure 46 / 667 psig
Max. test pressure 51 bar / 740 psig

TGE valves are designed for biflow operations.

No. Description
DANF-EV-TDEX11-8068 OBSOLETE – TDEX11 068H-8068 R22
DANF-EV-TDEX16-4186 OBSOLETE – TDEX16 068H-6236/068H-4186
DANF-EV-TEB2-3073 TEB2 068Z-3073 R23
DANF-EV-TEF2-3283 TEF2 068Z-3283 R12 (SOLDER)
DANF-EV-TEN2-3348 TEN2 068Z-3348 R134A
DANF-EV-TES2-3403 TES2 068Z-3403 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-TES2-3405MOP TES2 068Z-3405 R404A/R507 (RANGE N WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-TES2-3407 TES2 068Z-3407 R404A/R507 (RANGE NM WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-TES2-3409 TES2 068Z-3409 R404A/R507 (RANGE NL WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-TES2-3411 TES2 068Z-3411 R404A/R507 (RANGE B WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-TES2-3415 TES2 068Z-3415 R404A/R507 FLARE X SOLDER
DANF-EV-TEX12-3207 TEX12 067B-3207 R22 (RANGE NM WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-TEX2-3209 TEX2 068Z-3209 R22
DANF-EV-TEX2-3211 TEX2 068Z-3211 R22 (RANGE N WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-TEZ2-3446 TEZ2 068Z-3446 R407C (FLARE/SOLDER)
DANF-EV-TEZ2-3501 TEZ2 068Z-3501 R407C
DANF-EV-TGE10-9100 TGE 10 067N-9100
DANF-EV-TGE40-9107 TGE 40 067N-9107 (PACK OF 6) R290
DANF-EV-TGEL13-3157 TGEL13 067N-3157/067N-3177 (PACK OF 12) R410A
DANF-EV-TGEL15-3160 TGEL 15 067N-3160/067N-3180 (PACK OF 8) R410A
DANF-EV-TGEL19-3161 TGEL 19 067N-3161 R410A
DANF-EV-TGEL19-3162 TGEL 19 067N-3162/067N-3182 (PACK OF 8) R410A
DANF-EV-TGEL23-3163 TGEL 23 067N-3163/067N-3183 (PACK OF 8) R410A
DANF-EV-TGEL3.5-3171 TGEL3.5 067N-3151/067N-3171 (PACK OF 12) R410A
DANF-EV-TGEL35-3168 TGEL35 067N-3168/067N-3188 (PACK OF 8) R410A
DANF-EV-TGEL4.5-3152 TGEL4.5 067N-3152/067N-3172 (PACK OF 12) R410A
DANF-EV-TGEL6.5-3155 TGEL6.5 067N-3155/067N-3175 (PACK OF 12) R410A
DANF-EV-TGEL9-3156 TGEL9 067N-3156/067N-3176 (PACK OF 12) R410A
DANF-EV-TGEN10-5182 TGEN 10 067N-5162/067N-5182 (PACK OF 8) R134A
DANF-EV-TGEN17-5166 TGEN17 067N-5166/067N-5186 (PACK OF 8) 61KW R134A
DANF-EV-TGEX11-067N2157 TGEX11 067N-2157/067N-2177 (PACK OF 12) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX11-2007 TGEX11 067N-2007/067N-2027 (PACK OF 12) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX12.5-2258 TGEX12.5 067N-2258 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX12-2179 TGEX12 067N-2159 /067N-2179 (PACK OF 8) R22/ R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX12-2253 TGEX12 067N-2253 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX15-067N2255 TGEX15 067N-2255/067N-2244 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX15-2161 TGEX15 067N-2161/067N-2181 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX18-2013 TGEX18 067N-2013 /067N-2033 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX18-2163 TGEX18 067N-2163/067N-2183 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX26-2035 TGEX26 067N-2015/067N-2035 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX26-2165 TGEX26 067N-2165/067N-2185 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX26-2166 TGEX26 067N-2166 /067N-2186 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX3.0-2170 TGEX3.0 067N-2150/067N-2170 (PACK OF 12) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX30-2168 TGEX30 067N-2168/067N-2188 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX30-2252 TGEX30 067N-2252 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX38-2169 TGEX38 067N-2169/067N-2189 (PACK OF 8) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX4-2172 TGEX4 067N-2152/067N-2172 (PACK OF 12) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX6-2174 TGEX6 067N-2154/067N-2174 (PACK OF 12) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX7.5-2006 TGEX7.5 067N-2006/067N-2026 (PACK OF 12) R22
DANF-EV-TGEX7.5-2235 TGEX7.5 067N-2235 (PACK OF 12) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEX7.5-2260 TGEX7.5 067N-2260 (PACK OF 12) R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TGEZ15-4162 TGEZ15 067N-4162/067N-4182 (PACK OF 8) R407C
DANF-EV-TGEZ24-4015 TGEZ24 067N-4015/067N-4035 (PACK OF 8) R407C
DANF-EV-TGEZ27-4017 TGEZ27 067N-4017/067N-4037 (PACK OF 8) R407C
DANF-EV-TGEZ5-4065 TGEZ5 067N-4065
DANF-EV-TGEZ7-4006 TGEZ7 067N-4006/067N-4026 (PACK OF 12) R407C
DANF-EV-TN2-3346 TN2 068Z-3346 R134A
DANF-EV-TRE10-1015 TRE10 067L-1015 28KW R22
DANF-EV-TS2-3400 TS2 068Z-3400 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-TS2-3408 TS2 068Z-3408 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-TS2-3410 TS2 068Z-3410 R404A/R507 (WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-TS2-3414 TS2 068Z-3414 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-TS2-3420 TS2 068Z-3420 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-TUA-2205 TUA 068U-2205 R134A
DANF-EV-TUA-2285 TUA 068U-2285 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-TUAE-1714 TUAE 068U-1714 R410A
DANF-EV-TUAE-2207 TUAE 068U-2207 R134A
DANF-EV-TUAE-2287 TUAE 068U-2287 R404A/R507
DANF-EV-TUAE-2319 TUAE 068U-2319 R404A/R507 (WITH MOP)
DANF-EV-TUAE-2327 TUAE 068U-2327 R407C
DANF-EV-TUB-1961 TUB 068U-1961 ORIFICE 4 4.5KW R410A
DANF-EV-TUB-1962 TUB 068U-1962 ORIFICE 5 5.9KW R410A
DANF-EV-TUB-1963 TUB 068U-1963 ORIFICE 6 9.0KW R410A
DANF-EV-TUB-2003 TUB 068U-2003 ORIFICE 4 R134A/R513A
DANF-EV-TUB-2064 TUB 068U-2064 ORIFICE 8 R22/R407C
DANF-EV-TUB-2130 TUB 068U-2130 R404A/R507 (SOLDER)
DANF-EV-TUBE-1956 TUBE 068U-1956 ORIFICE 8 18KW R410A
DANF-EV-TUBE-1975 TUBE 068U-1975/068U-3315 (PACK OF 45) ORIFICE 9
DANF-EV-TUBE-2015 TUBE 068U-2015 ORIFICE 7 5.5KW R134A
DANF-EV-TUBE-2074 TUBE 068U-2074 ORIFICE 8 11KW R22
DANF-EV-TUBE-2075 TUBE 068U-2075 ORIFICE 9 16KW R22
DANF-EV-TUBE-2109 TUBE 068U-2109 ORIFICE 7 5.6KW R404A/R507
DANF-EV-TUBE-2658 TUBE 068U-2658/068U-1738 (PACK OF 45) ORIFICE 8
DANF-EV-TX2-3206 TX2 068Z-3206 R22
DANF-EV-TZ2-3496 TZ2 068Z-3496 R407C