Danfoss Hand Valve

The BML is a manual shut-off valve designed for installation in the liquid, suc-tion and hot gas lines of refrigeration plant.

BML is supplied with hand wheel.


  • Can be used for HC refrigerants (R 290, R 600, R 600a and R 1270).
  • Fitted with three stainless steel diaphragms that prevent leakage throughout the operating life of the valve.
  • Valve plate of polyamide nylon to give a complete shut-off at minimum torque.
  • Valve cover with counter-seat to prevent the ingress of moisture.

Technical data

  • Temperature range
    -55°C  to +100°C
  • Working range
    Delta p = -1 to 21 bar
  • Max. working pressure
    PS = 28 bar
  • Max. test pressure
    p’ = 30.8 bar

No. Description
DANF-HV-02BML6-0101 1/4″ BML6 009G-0101 (FLARE)
DANF-HV-02BML6S-0102 1/4″ BML6S 009G-0102 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-03BML10-0127 3/8″ BML10 009G-0127 (FLARE)
DANF-HV-03BML10S-0122 3/8″ BML10S 009G-0122 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-04BML12-0141 1/2″ BML12 009G-0141 (FLARE)
DANF-HV-04BML12S-0142 1/2″ BML12S 009G-0142 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-05BML15-0168 5/8″ BML15 009G-0168 (FLARE)
DANF-HV-05BML15S-0162 5/8″ BML15S 009G-0162 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-06BML18-0183 3/4″ BML18 009G-0183 (FLARE)
DANF-HV-06BML18S-0181 3/4″ BML18S 009G-0181 (SOLDER)
DANF-HV-07BML22S-0191 7/8″ BML22S 009G-0191 (SOLDER)