Danfoss Low Pressure Switch

KP pressure switchs are for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to give protection against excessively low suction pressure or excessively high discharge pressure.

KP pressure switches are also used for starting and stopping refrigeration compressors and fans on air-cooled condensers.

A KP pressure switch can be connected directly to a single-phase AC motor of up to approx. 2 kW or installed in the control circuit of DC motors
and large AC motors.

KP pressure switches are fitted with a single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch. The position of the switch is determined by the pressure switch setting and the pressure at the connector.

KP pressure switches are available in IP30, IP44 and IP55 enclosures.


  • Ultra-short bounce time thanks to snap-action function (reduces wear to a minimum and increases reliability)
  • Manual trip function (electrical contact function can be tested without the use of tools)
  • Types KP 6, KP 7 and KP 17 with fail-safe double bellows element
  •  Vibration and shock resistant
  • Compact design
  • Fully welded bellows element
  • High reliability both electrically
    and mechanically

DANF-PC-CS-0210 CS 031E-021066 (IP55/2 TO 6 BAR) G-1/2 FEMALE
DANF-PC-CS-0215 CS 031E-021566 (IP55/2 TO 6 BAR) G-1/2 FEMALE
DANF-PC-CS-0266 CS 031E-020266 (IP55/2 TO 6 BAR) G-1/2 FEMALE
DANF-PC-KP1-1101 KP1 060-110191 (AUTO) IP44
DANF-PC-KP1-1103 KP1 060-110366 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP1-1141 KP1 060-114166 (AUTO) SPDT GOLD
DANF-PC-KP1-2001 KP1 060-200166 (AUTO) IP30
DANF-PC-KP1A-1160 KP1A-116066 (AUTO)
DANF-PC-KP1A-1161 KP1A 060-116166 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP1A-1162 KP1A-116291 (AUTO)
DANF-PC-KP2-1120 KP2 060-112091 (AUTO)
DANF-PC-KPR1-110766 KPR1 060-110766 (-0.2 TO 8 BAR)