Danfoss Pack Controller

Danfoss offers a range of pack controllers for use in compact systems, as well as in large power packs. The ADAP-KOOL® pack
controllers ensure efficient control and operational reliability for advanced solutions for controlling up to twelve compressors.
The intelligent controllers optimize the suction and condensing pressure according to load and outdoor temperatures.
Additional energy savings and low maintenance costs can be achieved by using variable speed control of condenser fans and
compressors and other advanced features such as suction pressure optimization, self-diagnosis and automatic fault detection.
The capacity controls provide a good diagnostic tool for remote management.

Features and benefits

  • Full range of compressor and condenser controllers for small and large food retail applications
  • Accurate control and great reliability for high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs
  • Leading control technology for the Multi Ejector Solution™
  • Heat recovery for tap water and space heating
  • Remote management