Honeywell Motorized Valve

Honeywell Motorized Zone Valve V-series are designed to control the flow of water in iron and copper pipe systems.  Although specifically designed for small bore central heating systems, honeywell valves can be used in commercial and industrial applications.


V4043H incorporates a manual lever, the lever should normally be in ‘AUTO’ position, but can be moved to ‘MAN OPEN’ position for system draindown and filling
purposes only. Before fitting the valve, read through the plumbing and wiring instructions.

This product MUST be installed by a competent person. The installation MUST conform to I.E.E. Regulations and with The Electricity at Work Regulations. A Class ‘A’ switch (having contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles) must be incorporated in the fixed wiring as a means of disconnecting the supply. The system must be appropriately fused.


220-240V ~ 50Hz

Power consumption

Lead supplied
1 metre, 5 core

Operating temperature range
+5 to +88°C

Maximum ambient temperature

Pipe fitting sizes
22mm & 28mm compression fitting, 3/4″ & 1″ BSP

No. Description
HONE-MV-04/2O 1/2″ 2 WAY V4043C1347 (SPRING RETURNED)
HONE-MV-06/2O 3/4″ 2 WAY V4043C1362
HONE-MV-06/2O-AJ1000 3/4″ 2 WAY VC4013AJ
HONE-MV-06/2O-VS4016AJ 3/4″ 2 WAY VS4016AJ
HONE-MV-06/3O 3/4″ 3 WAY VC4013MJ6000T
HONE-MV-1/2M 1″ 2 WAY
HONE-MV-1/2O 1″ 2 WAY VC4013
HONE-MV-1/2O-AP1000 1″ 2 WAY VC4043AP1000T (SPRING RETURN)
HONE-MV-1/2O-VC4013AP 1″ 2 WAY VC4013AP
HONE-MV-1/3M 1″ 3 WAY
HONE-MV-1/3O 1″ 3 WAY
HONE-MV-102/2M 1-1/4″ 2 WAY V5011P
HONE-MV-102/3O 1-1/4″ 3 WAY
HONE-MV-102/3O-VC6013ND 1-1/4″ 3 WAY VC6013ND NSR FCU
HONE-MV-104/2M 1-1/2″ 2 WAY V5011P
HONE-MV-104/3M 1-1/2″ 3 WAY
HONE-MV-2/2M 2″ 2 WAY V5011P
HONE-MV-2/3M 2″ 3 WAY V5013P
HONE-MV-204/3M 2-1/2″ 3 WAY V5329A CI FLANGE
HONE-MV-32MM/2M 32MM 2 WAY V5011P