Bitzer Oil Strainer: Precision-engineered for efficient filtration, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your compressor. Trust Bitzer for superior oil management.

No. Description Description 2
BITZ-CP-OS-36200301 362003-01 (4J-13.2-6F-50.2) (4H-6F-FIG.85) BITZER OIL STRAINER
Brand Bitzer
Suits Models 4J13.2Y, 4J22.2Y, 4JE13Y, 4JE15Y, 4JE22Y, 4H15.2Y, 4H25.2Y, 4HE15Y, 4HE25Y, 4G20.2Y, 4G30.2Y, 4GE20Y, 4GE23Y, 4GE30Y, 4FE25Y, 4FE28Y, 4FE35Y, 6J22.2Y, 6J33.2Y, 6JE22Y, 6JE25Y, 6JE33Y, 6H25.2Y, 6H35.2Y, 6HE25Y, 6HE28Y, 6HE35Y, 6G30.2Y, 6G40.2Y, 6GE30Y, 6GE34Y, 6GE40Y, 6F40.2Y, 6F50.2Y, 6FE40Y, 6FE44Y, 6FE50Y, 8GE50Y, 8FE60Y, 8FE70Y, S4G12.2, S6J16.2, S6H20.2, S6G25.2, S6F30.2


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