Danfoss High Pressure Switch

The KP Pressure switches are for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to give protection against excessively low suction pressure or excessively high discharge pressure.

They are also used for starting and stopping refrigeration compressors and fans on air-cooled condensers.

The KP Pressure switches are fitted with a single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switch. The position of the switch is determined by the pressure control setting and the pressure at the connector.

The KP Pressure switches are IP44. Versions for IP30 and IP55 are available on request.

KP Pressure Switches

  • Setting range from 0.4 – 20 bar
  • Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) contact system
  • Electrical rating AC-3 16/6 A, 400 V, AC-15 10/4, 400 V
  • Screw terminals
  • Contact material in silver
  • Adjustable differential setting
  • Enclosure IP30, IP44
  • UL and FM approval
  • KP pressure switch series

Application Areas

Danfoss provides world-class control solutions for a variety of application areas:

  • Boilers
  • District heating
  • Boiler room equipment
  • Biomass boilers
  • Autoclaves and sterilizers


  • Ultra-short bounce time thanks to snap-action function (reduces wear to a minimum and increases reliability)
  • Manual trip function (electrical contact function can be tested without the use of tools)
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Compact design
  • Fully welded bellows element
  • High reliability both electrically and mechanically

The design of the KP affords the following advantages

  • high contact load
  • ultra-short bounce time
  • high resistance to pulsation
  • vibration resistance up to 4 g in the range 0 – 1000 Hz
  • long mechanical and electrical life

Auto Reset

  • KP 1, KP 2, KP 5, KP 7W

Manual Reset

  • KP 1, KP 5, KP 7B


  • R22, R134a, R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R422B, R422D, R448A, R449A, R450A, R452A, R507A, R513A

No. Description
DANF-PC-KP5-1142 KP5 060-114266 ( AUTO )  SPDT GOLD
DANF-PC-KP5-1171 KP5 060-117191 (AUTO) (8 TO 32 BAR)
DANF-PC-KP5-1173 KP5 060-117391 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP5-2014 KP5 060-201466 (AUTO) IP30
DANF-PC-KP5A-1153 KP5A 060-115391 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP5A-1230 KP5A 060-123066 (AUTO)
DANF-PC-KP5A-1231 KP5A 060-123166 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP5A-5007 KP5A 060-500766 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP7ABS-1205 KP7ABS 060-120566 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP7ABS-5013 KP7ABS 060-501366 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP7B-1191 KP7B 060-1191 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP7B-2004 KP7B 060-200466 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP7S-1192 KP7S 060-119266 (MANUAL)
DANF-PC-KP7W-1190 KP7W 060-119066 (AUTO)
DANF-PC-KP7W-2053 KP7W 060-205366 (PACK OF 16) (AUTO)