Danfoss Temperature Controller

The controller is used for capacity regulation of compressors or condensers in small refrigerating systems.

Regulation can be carried out with up to four identical capacity steps.


Capacity regulation
The cut-in capacity is controlled by signals from the connected pressure transmitter (temperature sensor) and the set reference.
Outside the reference a neutral zone is set where the capacity will neither be cut in nor out.
Outside the neutral zone (in the hatched areas named +zone and -zone) the capacity will be cut in or out if the regulation registers a change of pressure (the temperature) “away” from the neutral zone. Cutin and cutout will take place with the set time delays.
If the pressure (the temperature) however “approaches” the neutral zone, the controller will make no changes of the cut-in capacity.
If regulation takes place outside the hatched area (named ++zone and –zone), changes of the cut-in capacity will occur somewhat faster than if it were in the hatched area.
Cutin of steps can be defined for either sequential or cyclic operation.


  • Regulation
    Regulation with up to four relay outputs can be carried out.
    Regulation takes place with a set reference which is compared
    to a signal from a pressure transmitter or a temperature sensor.
  • Relay module
    It is possible to use the controller as relay module, so that the
    relays are cut in or out by means of an external voltage signal.
  • Alarm function
    A relay becomes activated when the set alarm limits are exceeded.
  • Digital input
    The digital input can be used for:
    – night operation where the suction pressure is raised
    – heat recovery where the condensing pressure is raised
    – external start/stop of the regulation.
    – Monitoring of safety circuit
  • Possibility of data communication
No. Description
DANF-TC-EKC331T-7105 EKC331T 084B-7105 (4 RELAYS)
DANF-TC-EKC361-7060 EKC361 084B-7060