Danfoss Thermal Overload Relay

The Danfoss thermal overload relay range TI9 C, TI16 C, TI25 C, TI30 C, TI80 & TI86 are used with the contactor range CI 4 – CI 86 to give protection of squirrel-cage motors.

The Danfoss electronic motor protection relays TI 180E and TI 630E give effective protection of electric motors exposed to thermal overload, phase failure and asymmetrical load.

The selection of a Danfoss thermal overload relay must be based on the motor full load current and the method of starting:
– With direct start range for motor starter is used.
– With star – delta start the range for Y/D starter is used.


Thermal overload relays TI 16C, TI 25C and TI 30C are used with contactors CI 6-30 to give protection of squirrel-cage motors of 0.09 kW to 15 kW.

The relays have single-phase protection, i.e. accelerated release if phase drop-out occurs. This is particularly important for motors with deltaconnected windings.

  • Other features of TI 16C/25C/30C:
    stop/reset button
  • manual/automatic reset
  • test button
  • double scale for direct start or Y/D start
  • galvanically isolated signal contact