Danfoss Universal Refrigeration Controller

The controller is used for evaporator control refrigeration appliances in supermarkets. With many predefined applications one unit will offer you many options.

Flexibility has been planned both for new installations and for service in the refrigeration trade.


  • Many applications in the same unit
  • The controller has integrated refrigeration-technical functions, so that it can replace a whole collection of thermostats and timers
  • Buttons and seal imbedded in the front
  • Can control two compressors
  • Fixed MODBUS data communication
  • Easy to remount data communication
  • Quick setup
  • Two temperature references
    (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points):
    – temperature monitoring and registration of period with too high temperature
    – factory calibration that will guarantee a better measuring accuracy than stated in the standard EN 441-13 without subsequent calibration (Pt 1000 ohm sensor)
  • Digital inputs for various functions
  • Clock function with backup