Muller Cabinet Cooler BC/BF Series

Muller Cabinet Cooler BF/BC Series

Muller Commercial Low Capacity Unit Cooler (Compact Design) Cabinet Cooler Series

Capacity Range 0.31 kW – 2.35 kW

– Compact, low profile design which gives more shelf space.
– Slim, neat profile for maximum cabinet storage space.
– Removable, discreet drain tray which is easily removed for cleaning and service.
– Heat exchanger with rifled bore tubing for high performance and exceptional oil return.
– Fan motors which can be easily removed for servicing.

BC & BCT Series Evaporators:
– E-Kote coil protection for protection against the elements (medium temperature units only).
– Larger capacity Dual Blow coolers, suitable for larger sized cabinets.
– Suitable for high and medium temperature applications where a defrost heater is not required.

BF Series Evaporators:
– Storage temperature capacity down to -32°C.
– In-built controls terminate the defrost cycle when required temperatures are reached.
– With its quiet operation and discreet aesthetics, the only thing you’ll notice is the additional storage space.

– Discreet drain tray and fan motors which is easily removed for cleaning and service.


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