Muller Industrial Unit Cooler NKH Series

Muller Industrial Unit Cooler Long Air Throw And High Efficiency NKH Series

Muller Industrial Unit Cooler Long Air Throw And High Efficiency NKH Series

Capacity Range 26.5 kW – 127.2 kW

– The casing is made of pre-painted, galvanized steel offering a high resistance to corrosion and impact damage.  An internal aluminum drain pan limits the effects of condensation under the main drain pan during the defrost process.
– The NKH unit coolers are delivered in mounting position reinforced crates.
– The external rotor fans are equipped with fan guards compliant with safety standards.
– 2 fan types are used for the NKH range.
– @ 630mm 4 pole 1500 rpm
– @ 800mm 6 pole 1000 rpm
– The motors are of the three-phase type, 380V, 50Hz, IP54, class F.
– Selection of a unit cooler with various fan number/diameter combinations offering the dimensional and air throw characteristics best adapted to the size of the cold room.
– The finned coils of the NKH range are designed with aluminium fins spaced at 4, 6, 9, crimped  onto copper tubes.
– High-efficiency H type fine for an economical solution:
– This type of fin is particularly suitable for the storage of packed products.
– The reduced size of the heat-exchanger also enables fast defrosting.
– The coils are supplied via optimized R22/R404A diaphragm distributor(s).
– For all other refrigerants, please contact us and specify when ordering.

– Electrical and refrigerant connections easily accessible for simple installation.

– The galvanized steel side panels and drain pan are hinge-mounted.
– Easy accessibility, maintenance and cleaning.
– External installation of fans offering easy access possible interventions.


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