Muller Unit Coolers MMT/MLT Series

Muller Medium and Low temp Unit Coolers

MMT  Medium- MLT Low Profile Unit Cooler

Extended model and capacity range
Medium Temp range: 26 models, 1 ~ 5 fans, 1.6 ~ 24 kW
Low Temp range: 22 models, 1 ~ 5 fans, 1 ~ 12 kW
The drain tray is reversible with new 32 mm threaded fitting
Larger hanger bars with clawed feet are located in the cabinet
New cabinet design features easy front opening access to electrical panel and a separate panel for refrigeration components
The electrical board is front facing for easy access and the terminal board simplifies wiring
Lanyards are included to hold the drain tray

Designed and built for Commercial Refrigeration Applications, we are able to supply the following options:
–  Medium temperature models with electric defrost
–  Fin space in 4, 5, 6 FPI (4.23, 5.08, 6.35 mm)
–  Fin coating, stainless steel casing

Coil Design
The coil loses less airflow as ice builds due to the larger ratio of fin surface to tube surface, this results in more stable room conditions between defrosts and allows the coil to hold more ice between defrosts.
– Face heaters allow easy access for maintenance and replacement.
– Drain heaters are attached to the bottom of the coil for easy access and extended for more heat to the end compartments.

In areas of high humidity it was sometimes necessary to use wider fin spacing on medium temperature coils due to rapid frost build. Because of the larger fin area and slower frost build up, air defrost is more efficient on the 9000 series coil. Infact, the rate of frost build on the 9000 series 6FPI is comparable to that of a standard 5FPI coil at the same KTD.


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