Muller Industrial Dual Blow Unit Cooler (High Efficiency And Comfortable, Easy For Maintenance) GTA Series

Capacity Range 22.5 kW – 67.3 kW

– GTA casing is made of white pre-painted galvanized steel.
– On the GTA each removable drain pan fixed by hinge.  The condensate water is evacuated via 2 large dimension drain pipes.
– GTA Series are foreseen with removable end covers for easy maintenance and installation.
– The GTA unit cooler is equipped with fans 630mm, 380V/3P/50Hz, Qty: 2-4.
– The GTA series are equipped with two new coil configurations optimized for direct expansion and option glycol water applications.
– Totally GTA Series have 9 models are composed of aluminium fins with spacing of 4.23mm.

– GTA are equipped with easily removable doors thus providing easy access to electrical and coolant connections.

– For all work on the GTA, access to the drain pans does not require removal of the recovery vessel rendering maintenance work easier.
– The fan units are mounted on an articulated panel rendering maintenance work easier.


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