Danfoss Pressure Transmitter

Danfoss Pressure Transmitter ranges AKS, EMP2 and MBS help keep your demanding industrial processes under control. The MBS 33M, 3100 (compact) and 5100 (block type) and EMP 2 are ship-approved pressure transmitters and designed for use in almost all marine applications they offer reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions.

Danfoss offers one of the most highly reliable, vibration resistant temperature sensors in the Marine industry with its MBT 5252. The MBT 5252 is a heavy-duty temperature sensor that can be used for controlling cooling water, lubrication oil, hydraulic oil, and refrigeration plants within general industry and marine applications.

The temperature sensor and temperature transmitter ranges are based on decades of global experience within the marine industry and in refrigeration plants – undoubtedly some of the toughest environments around. Danfoss temperature sensors and Danfoss transmitters are designed for heavy-duty applications.

Both Danfoss pressure transmitters and Danfoss temperature transmitters help keep your demanding industrial processes under control. Accurate, robust and built for long life, they perform reliably day after day, even in the harshest environments.
Manufacturers of construction, agricultural & material handling equipment for agriculture, forestry, mining are faced with ever increasing challenges.
Consequently Danfoss design their pressure transmitters to meet the most stringent requirements.

The piezo-resistive silicon sensor, available on most of our pressure transmitters, is the most suitable in applications with pressure peaks. The pressure overload is typically six times (max. 1500 bar) the measuring range and performs millions of cycles. The Danfoss range of thin-film pressure transmitters, types MBS 1200 and MBS 1250 allows fast response time and have a dual output.
Danfoss heavy-duty versions are equipped with an integrated pulse-snubber which offers a high degree of protection against cavitations and liquid hammer, and the well thought out design results in excellent vibrations stability and an exceptional robustness. The high degree of EMI protection equips the pressure sensor to meet the stringent requirements within hydraulic applications. The transmitters are designed for long-term stability at temperatures of 125 C. Moreover, the tight enclosure design ensures that the pressure transmitter is protected against moisture caused by fluctuating temperature.

The Danfoss range of pressure transmitters also includes versions with Can-Bus communication system and versions for high pressure operation, up to 3000 bar.

The compact Danfoss pressure transmitters MBS are designed for use in almost all industrial applications, and offers reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions.

The Danfoss pressure transmitter EMP 2 is designed for use in almost all marine and industrial applications, and offers a reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions.

Danfoss designed their products to comply with the EU directives on EMC. In addition, we observe a range of industry-specific EMC standards, like ISO 13766 (earth moving machinery) and DIN 40389 (EMC in road vehicles).

AKS 32 and AKS 33 are pressure transmitters that measure a pressure and convert the measured value to a standard signal (1 to 5 V d.c. for AKS 32 and 4 to 20 mA for AKS 33). AKS 32R and AKS 2050 are ratiometric pressure transmitters that convert the measured pressure to a linear output signal. The minimum value of the output signal is 10% of the actual supply voltage. The maximum value is 90% of the actual supply voltage. AKS 2050 are designed specifically for CO2 pressure ranges.

No. Description
DANF-PC-AKS2050-1055 AKS 2050 060G-1055 (-1 TO +25 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS2050-1056 AKS 2050 060G-1056 (-1 TO +59 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS2050-5750 AKS 2050 060G-5750 (-1 TO +59 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS3000-1044 AKS 3000 060G-1044 (-1 TO +25 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS3000-1323 AKS 3000 060G-1323 (-1 TO 12 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS3000-1327 AKS 3000 060G-1327 (0 TO 30 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS3000-1585 AKS 3000 060G-1585
DANF-PC-AKS3000-3717 AKS 3000 060G-3717 ( -1 TO 10 KG/CM3 )
DANF-PC-AKS3000-3718 AKS 3000 060G-3718 (-1 TO 30 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS3000-3958 AKS 3000 060G-3958 (0 TO 30 BAR) 4-20 MA
DANF-PC-AKS3050-1045 AKS 3050 060G-1045 (-1 TO 25 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS32-2003 AKS 32 060G-2003 (-1 TO 34 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS32-2069 AKS 32 060G-2069 (-1 TO 12 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS32R-0090 AKS 32R 060G-0090 (-1 TO 34 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS32R-1036 AKS 32R 060G-1036 (-1 TO 12 BAR) UNF 7/16-20
DANF-PC-AKS32R-6490 AKS 32R 060G-6490 (0 TO 13.79 BAR/0 TO 200 PSI)
DANF-PC-AKS33-2049 AKS 33 060G-2049 (-1 TO 12 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS33-2104 AKS 33 060G-2104 (-1 TO 6 BAR) G-3/8 MALE
DANF-PC-AKS33-2105 AKS 33 060G-2105 (-1 TO 12 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS33-2106 AKS 33 060G-2106 (-1 TO 20 BAR) G-3/8 MALE
DANF-PC-AKS33-2108 AKS 33 060G-2108 (-1 TO 5 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS33-2113 AKS 33 060G-2113 (-1 TO 9 BAR)
DANF-PC-AKS33-5654 AKS 33 060G-5654
DANF-PC-AKS33-5655 AKS 33 060G-5655 (-1 TO 9 BAR)
DANF-PC-EMP2-2106 EMP 2 084G-2106 (0 TO 4 BAR)
DANF-PC-EMP2-2107 EMP 2 084G-2107 (0 TO 6 BAR/TEST PRESSURE 18 BAR )
DANF-PC-EMP2-2109 EMP 2 084G-2109 (0 TO 10 BAR)
DANF-PC-EMP2-2113 EMP 2 084G-2113 (0 TO 40 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS1250-1348 MBS 1250-3511-C1GB04 063G-1348 (0 TO  300 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1102 MBS 3000 060G-1102
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1105 MBS 3000 2611-1AB04 060G-1105 (0 TO 40 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1107 MBS 3000 3011-1AB04 060G-1107 (0 TO 100 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1111 MBS 3000 3411-1AB04 060G-1111 (0 TO 250 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1113 MBS 3000 1011-1AB04 060G-1113 (0 TO 1 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1122 MBS 3000 1411-1AB04 060G-1122 (0 TO 2.5 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1124 MBS 3000 1811-1AB04 060G-1124 (0 TO 6 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1125 MBS 3000 2011-1AB04 060G-1125 (0 TO 10 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1133 MBS 3000 2211-1AB04 060G-1133 (0 TO 16 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1412 MBS 3000 2011-1AB08 060G-1412 (0 TO 10 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1413 MBS 3000-2211-1AB08 060G-1413 (0 TO 16 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1429 MBS 3000 1211-1AB04 060G-1429 (0 TO 1.6 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1430 MBS 3000 2411-1AB04 060G-1430 (0 TO 25 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-1540 MBS 3000-1811-1AB08 060G-1540 (0 TO 6 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3000-3779 MBS 3000 060G-3779 (0 TO 25 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3050-1154 MBS 3050 3611-1FB04 060G-1154 (0 TO 400 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3050-1409 MBS 3050 2411 1FB-04 060G-1409
DANF-PC-MBS3050-3557 MBS 3050 3415-1GB04 060G-3557 IP65 (0 TO 250 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3050-3628 MBS 3050 3411-E3GB04-2 060G-3628 (0 TO 250 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3150-1474 MBS 3150 1811-6BB04 060G-1474 (0 TO 6 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS3200-1874 MBS 3200 1811-1AB08-0 060G-1874 (0 TO 6 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS33-3006 MBS 33 1011-1AB08 060G-3006 (0 TO 1 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS33-3008 MBS 33-1411-1AB08 060G-3008 (0 TO 2.5 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS33-3010 MBS 33 1811-1AB08 060G-3010 (0 TO 6 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS33-3011 MBS 33 2011-1AB08 060G-3011 (0 TO 10 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS33M-2159 MBS 33M 060G-2159 (0 TO 20 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS33M-3116 MBS 33M 060G-3116
DANF-PC-MBS33M-3126 MBS 33M 060G-3126 (0 TO 10 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS33M-3132 MBS 33M 060G-3132 (0 TO 160 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS4010-3203 MBS 4010 060G-3203 (0 TO 4 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS4010-3207 MBS 4010 060G-3207 (0 TO 25 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS4010-3214 MBS 4010 060G-3214 (0 TO 16 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS4500-2452 MBS 4500-1021-1AB08 060G-2452 (0 TO 1 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS4701-4307 MBS 4701 2011-1AB08 060G-4307 (0 TO 10 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS5100-1034 MBS 5100 1611-1DB04 060N-1034 (0 TO 4 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS5100-1036 MBS 5100 2011-1DB04 060N-1036 (0 TO 10 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS5100-1039 MBS 5100-2611-1DB04 060N-1039 (0 TO 40 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS5100-1069 MBS 5100 2811-2DB04 060N-1069 (0 TO 60 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS5150-1063 MBS 5150 1811-1DB04 060N-1063 (0 TO 6 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS5150-1064 MBS 5150 2011-1DB04 060N-1064 (0 TO 10 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS5150-1066 MBS 5150 2611-1DB04 060N-1066 (0 TO 40 BAR)
DANF-PC-MBS9200-5225 MBS 9200-A111-1GB08-1 064G-5225