Danfoss Thermostat

KP thermostats are single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) temperature-operated electric switches.

A KP thermostat can be connected directly to a single-phase alternating current motor of up to approx. 2 kW or installed in the control circuit of direct current motors and large alternating current motors.

KP thermostats are used for regulation, but can also be seen in safety monitoring systems. It is here that the electronic mechanism shows its superiority.

KP thermostats are available with vapour charge or with adsorption charge.

With vapour charge the diff erential is very small.

KP thermostats with adsorption charge are widely used to give frost protection.


  • Wide regulating range
  • Can be used for deep freeze, refrigeration and air conditioning plant
  • Welded bellows elements mean increased reliability
  • Small dimensions
    Easy to install in refrigerated counters or cold rooms.
  • Ultra-short bounce times
    This gives long operating life, reduces wear to a minimum and increases reliability.
  • Standard versions with changeover switch
    Possible to obtain opposite contact function or to connect a signal.
  • Electrical connection at the front of the unit
    Facilitates rack mounting.
    Saves space.
  • Suitable for alternating and direct current
  • Cable entry of soft thermoplastic for cables from 6 to 14 mm diameter.
  • Extensive and wide range